Sunday, December 29, 2019

Goals: 20 for 2020

I am, at my heart, a list keeper and a goal setter.  Without them I feel like I aimlessly float around through my day getting almost nothing done and not realizing it until the day is over. I am also a visual person. I have a small whiteboard in my kitchen where I list the things I want to accomplish as well as certain things I like to track.  So since my main goal and topic of this blog is to achieve my retirement savings goal, it makes sense to post and keep track of my other goals as most are aimed toward that final beginning or complement/enhance the life I want to lead when I get there.

To be fair I did plagiarized a couple from Cash Only Living, though they are goals I would have listed, she just worded them better.  So here we go:

 20 for 2020 Goals - as of 12/30/19
1. Walk 2020 miles during the year (that's averaging about 5.5 miles per day).
2. Try to be as close to 90% whole-food, 80% plant-based as possible.
3. $0 in bank overdraft & credit card late fees and interest.
4. Get Home Maintenance Fund up to $16,000 & Home Improvement Fund up to $18,000.
5. Do "Dry January" and stop drinking alcohol except on special occasions.
6. Reduce monthly Grocery to $400/month, Take-out/Eat out to $140/month & Alcohol to
7. Walk dogs 5 times/weekly - and expose them to new places, people and things.
8. Declutter - donate, sell, gift or trash 1,000 things.
9. Read three books a month.
10. Reduce mortgage by $20,000.
11. Do budget friendly once a month activities/dates with hubby (movie, dinner, lunch, picnic, hiking, antiquing, farmers market, kayaking, fishing, bike riding, volunteering).
12. Add $8,000 to Car replacement/maintenance fund.
13. Complete at least 3 cheap home improvement projects (1. refinish kitchen table, 2. paint living room, 3. paint foyer, 4. finish painting master bath, etc.
14. Practice mindfulness and self-care to improve my frame of mind, my health, my outlook, my attitude, my marriage and my life.
15. Do something creative once a month (craft, bake, write, paint, etc.).
16. Execute the Daily House Cleaning Plan to maintain a clean house and lower my stress.
17. Learn about, plan and begin to execute sustainable, native landscaping - start with back yard.
18. Learn to can and can six recipes.
19. Max out 401K & catch-up contributions for 2020.
20. Learn and start a blog - main topics: preparing for retirement, paying down mortgage, cheap activities, simple/clean living, hobbies, budgeting/saving, etc.

I know it seems like a lot but this is how I move forward in life.  I will track and report the status of these monthly.

Do you have annual goals for the year?

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