Sunday, January 5, 2020

So Far so Good!

I like easing back into a regular schedule.  I had to work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of last week.  and was super busy as my boss and my director aren't back to work until tomorrow.  I work in sort of a legal capacity but I am not a lawyer or a paralegal (was a paralegal for 19 years) but the work is similar, just a different forum.  We have a case we filed in November and we received discovery requests on the 16th, 27th and 31st from the other parties with a 15 calendar day turnaround.  Not very nice of them as they were aware that my Company's corporate employees are essentially gone the week of Christmas through New Year's at the least.  In any case, I handled it, kept the assigned lawyer in the loop and have scheduled the requisite review meetings for next week.

As far as my goals, we are 5 days in and I'm doing well in all but the walking goal.  Its dark and cold in the a.m. and p.m. and if I can't get away from my desk during the workday its just hard to make this happen.  I have two dogs that could definitely use the change of scenery a walk would bring, but I just haven't been able to motivate myself.

I've changed my 401(k) contribution and catch-up contribution to achieve the maximum contribution by year end.  We'll see how it shakes out.  We have a new benefit year starting in January so my net pay should go down a bit due to higher benefit costs so I'll be a few bucks poorer for the next two and a half months as we don't get our annual raises until mid-March. I can always readjust as I go.

All of my regular savings are on autopilot so baring any surprises they should achieve themselves.

Haven't had any alcohol and am sticking to my mostly whole food and plant based meal plan. I think I'll do a post later in the week highlighting some of what I've eaten.  We just went to our local natural foods grocery and bought all kinds of things to make new plant based/vegan recipes for me for breakfast and lunch and maybe the LoML will use some to make us dinner (hello tempeh? LOL!).

That's all I have for playoff weekend Sunday.  The games so far have been amazing.  I hope your favorite team wins!  Go EAGS!!

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