Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Working From Home For The Foreseeable Future

I am on day two of working from home.  I'm grateful to work for a company that has been preparing for this possibility since January.  We were told to come in on Monday and each team in my department had their meetings to discuss what is going on.  Ours was at 10:30 am.  We then packed up what we thought we would need and went home to work, likely until the end of April if not longer. 

The LoML works from home full time.  His normal day to day duties can be doing phone customer support or he will get dispatched to a customer site.  Last week he spent 2 days on a navel base installing a part.  I sent him with a pack of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.  The base was in a state that didn't have any reported cases of COVID-19 so risk was low, but better to be safe than sorry.  We aren't sure if he will be required to do on site support going forward during this crisis.  The problem is the work he does supports a critical public safety feature.  We shall see.

My oldest is in her second year of being a 6th grade ELA teacher.  Schools here closed last Friday for two weeks, likely to be extended.  She is union so she will be paid.  My youngest is a year post-college and works as a plant scientist at a large company but they hire their skilled lab workers as contractors, paid hourly.  They closed the labs on Monday and she is now not getting paid.  She has savings to last her a while and we have offered our help. 

These are crazy times we are living in.  We all just need to take things a day at a time.  Keep in digital contact with the people who are regulars in your lives (coworkers, friends, neighbors, family, etc).  Wave and smile at people as you take walks around your neighborhood.  Share your toilet paper.  Spare a square.  Civility and kindness must reign.

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