Saturday, June 20, 2020

Quick Check In

Things are cruising along here.  Work has calmed a little and my company is making plans for re-entry.  Still won't be before Labor Day and could be as late as next year for some as they will have 3 phases of employees returning to work depending on their function.  Hoping I'm the last phase but lobbying for permanent work from home status.

Kids and BFs came over last Sunday and will be here again for Father's day.  They are so much fun to be around.  Young adults give me life.  They are bright, funny, and so engaged in what is going on in our world socially, environmentally and politically.  I implore everyone to sit and have conversations with the young adults in your lives.  Listen to them.  Try to see things from their perspective.  And if you don't have any young adults in your life go find some.  I will happily spend time with people in the 15-29 year old range over any other age.  They keep my perspective on life and the current world fresh and open to new thoughts and ideas.  Of course they also drink all of our beer. LOL!

So I picked our first non-greens harvest this morning.  A chubby zucchini, 3 padron peppers and the last of the first wave of purple sugar snaps.

First real garden haul

It has been so cool here this spring, only a few days in the 80s and evenings in the low 60s so the garden is getting a slow start.  Great sleeping weather though and the lettuces are loving it.  I'll update you on the gardening progress soon.  Still not finished cleaning them all up and had to make some changes as my gourds never sprouted and something mowed down pretty much ALL of my sunflower sprouts.  😞

Pot O' Lettuces

I'll be cutting back that lettuce for salads tonight and tomorrow.  Father's day will consist of a small 5lb pork shoulder cooked in a crockpot and pulled for sandwiches, macaroni and cheese with tomatoes, cole slaw and green salad.  I'm also going to make a berry white wine sangria to see if I can distract the kids from the beer. I make fall flavored sangrias for football tailgating but I don't know why I never make it for other events. I think I may make coffee blondies for desert. If anyone is interested I'll happily share the recipe.  Really good and different.

I hope all you Dads out there have a fabulous Father's Day!

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