Sunday, July 26, 2020

Goings On At the Working Towards the Final Beginning! Household

July has been a fairly ho-hum month.  Work is work.  Filed the last two regulatory filings on time and now in the discovery process.  I was assigned another large filing that has a September 25th filing date.  I've begun the project planning and I'll start those process meetings in the beginning of August.  Then we'll have hearings and a decision on those other two matters I manage with a final decision by the end of September.  Then I start work on those same two projects again for a November 1 filing date.  Ugh!  It is a grind.  I don't like working on these two filings.  The one lead project manager I work with on one of the filings is great.  The lead project manager on the other filing is a problem.  There is always conflict between my department and him and it drains me.  I have to work on the filing with the good project manager until June of 2022 and the bad one's program ends June 2023.  Not looking forward to three more years of his crap.

D#1 and her BF (24 and 25 years old respectively) have done the craziest thing that someone can do during these crazy times, especially at their age.  They put an offer on a house!!  I am beyond proud of them but I've gotta say it took me by surprise.  They hope to close by mid-August so we shall see how smoothly things go.  Deep down I am thrilled since they are putting some more permanent roots down near us.  That can change but for at least the next five years they will be here.  Since college they'd been talking about moving to another state and traveling Europe or Latin America dreaming of their future together somewhere else, so this very much caught us (gleefully) off guard.

Anyway, things are going relatively smoothly, all things considered.  

The garden is cranking out produce: zucchini, cucumbers, green beans (green, purple & yellow), herbs, the last of the lettuce and the beginning of the TOMATOES!!!!  So excited for tomatoes.  This week I started picking the cherry tomatoes (Bumblebee assortment variety) and I picked a red and a yellow Brandywine.  D#2 and her BF are coming for dinner tonight and we are making home made pizza so I think one of the pizza's will be a margarita with slices of fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and basil.  YUM! 

Here is a picture of the giant random sunflower in the middle of my tomato bed.  Yesterday I found a huge bumble bee asleep in the middle of it.  LOL!

How is your summer going?   If you garden have you been getting tomatoes yet?


  1. As of yesterday, I have gotten one grape tomato!

  2. We just got back from vacation yesterday and I have immediately picked 2 quarts of cherry tomatoes and about 5 lbs of big tomatoes, a couple small peppers, two big pattipan squash, two big regular cucumbers and 5 fairly large lemon cucumbers. Oddly, no green beans. They have a ton of flowers so hoping by next week we'll be picking them again.

    Unfortunately TS Isaias beat up my garden a bit and I think 3 of them are dead/dying. The rest look o.k. though. Gardening success is never guaranteed!


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